GLOBAL METRICS is an agency for marketing and social surveys and analyses.
As sociologists and researchers with more than 15 years’ experience, we have pooled our efforts to provide reliable, quality expertise in the area of sociological surveys and analyses in a wide range of research fields, subjects and tools.
Our services include the entire spectrum of qualitative and quantitative methods applied in various subjects and research areas, including education, the labour market, health and social matters, social services, child protection policies, the judiciary, youth policies, social stratification studies, consumption, economic analyses, drawing up of programming and strategic documents, etc.
The research team has developed significant expertise in the collection and interpretation of data, monitoring and impact assessment of various projects and programs considerable experience in organizational consulting and functional analysis of various organizations, consulting on building communication strategies and assessment of their effectiveness.
The Agency has a complete infrastructure for data collection and data processing, statistical analysis and visualization of results, hall to conduct focus groups with opportunities to observe the discussions in real time.
GLOBAL METRICS has its own network of interviewers and a team of collaborators across the country, who are available to collect various types of information through polls and interviews, compiling of documents and statistics, in-depth interviews and observations, among others.
GLOBAL METRICS is a member of The European Society for Opinion and Market ResearchESOMAR and strictly abides by the ESOMAR Code on Market and Social Research.
The key principles of the GLOBAL METRICS team are the researchers’ professionalism and ethical standards in the conduct of studies, respect for the respondents and their anonymity, attention to data and unbiased interpretation.